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Sales Manager

Part Time

Web Opatrip

We are the tours and experiences organizing agency "Fun Top Fun"

Our team is looking for managers for these positions. Apply: https://opatrip.com/career/.

We are offering for sales manager position:

-Remote and part-time work.

– % of the sales you make. The last 12 months’ average was 750 EUR.

-Additional quarter bonus.



-Living in America (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Chile, etc.). Time zone matters.

-3+ years of experience in sales

-Excellent English.

-Respond to the client within 2 hours.

-Stable internet for Zoom meetings

-You must provide an invoice for your services.

Work specific: Organize and monitor tours in particular locations. We provide full instructions and a mentor.

Para solicitar este trabajo envía un correo electrónico con tus detalles a career@opatrip.com