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HR Associate – FTA G6

Full Time
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Considere por favor que la vacante cierra 11-may.-2022 bajo horario de New York (2 horas antes de la medianoche en Perú)

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:
Administration and implementation of HR strategies and policies
Provision of HR services
Staff performance management and career development
Conduct of UN salary-related and UNDP surveys
Facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing
1.  Ensures administration and implementation of HR strategies and policies focusing on achievement of the following results:
Full compliance of records and reports with UN rules and regulations, UNDP policies, procedures and strategies; effective implementation of the internal control framework.
Provision of advice and information on corporate strategies, changes in rules and regulations, implementation of personnel rules, strategic use of contractual modalities, application of entitlements, and change management processes.
CO HR business processes mapping and elaboration of the content of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in HR management in consultation with the direct supervisor and office management; control of workloads of the supervised staff.
Provision of information to the management and staff on strategies, rules and regulations.
2. Provides HR services focusing on achievement of the following results:

Implementation of recruitment processes including drafting job description, provision of input to job classification process, vacancy announcement, screening of candidates, participation in interview panels as ex-office secretary.
Creation/update of positions in Atlas, association of positions to chart fields (COAs), update of COA information, setting up vendor, performing the functions of Admin.HR, Position Administrator and Absence Processor in Atlas. Preparation of contracts (SCs) and  its registration in Atlas. Timely follow up with Finance staff on Global payroll issues.
Input and tracking of all transactions related to positions, recruitment, benefits, earnings/deductions, retroactivities, recoveries, adjustments and separations through UNall and Atlas (existing SC holders).
Maintenance of the CO staffing table.
Provide necessary support on submissions to the Compliance Review Panel (CRP).
Provide information on benefits/entitlements to the International Staff and Experts.
Maintenance of the rosters including e-rosters.
Provide support and information about benefits to UN agencies. Ascertain options and arrangements for services rendered to UN agencies including the use of identification of outsourcing arrangements.
Provide support to UNV in the administration of HR services, liaising with the UNV Headquarters in Bonn for administrative matters as per current agreements.
Coordinate administrative support to retirees ensuring the timely entry of their MIP contributions, reception of bank deposit slips and finance unit-related processes and entering relevant information in UNall to be updated in the organizational ERP (e.g. Atlas, Quantum, etc.).
Validation of cost-recovery charges in Atlas for HR services provided by UNDP to other Agencies.
3. Ensures proper staff performance management and career development focusing on achievement of the following results:

Provision of background information and maintenance of the related data acting as Secretary of TMR.
Coach and support staff in the preparation and update of the Performance Management & Development (PMD).
Participation in preparation of Whole Office Learning plan and individual learning plans in consultation with the Senior Management.
Act as a Learning Manager of the Office and Chairperson of the Office Learning/Knowledge Committee. Ensure that individual development plans as reflected in the PMD system as well as through Professionalization Development Plans, are implemented in close consultation with management.
Ensure the understanding of emerging corporate priorities and new learning initiatives by coordinating the organization of learning sessions and the access to available resources in TDC (formerly LMS).
Liaise with the ICT Associate and HQ units on ameliorations of access to corporate tools and resources for the benefit of the staff in CO.
4. Ensures conduct of UN salary-related survey and UNDP Global Staff Survey focusing on achievement of the following results:

Support the collection of information and preparation of reports for comprehensive and interim local salaries as requested by the LSSC. Participation in the work of LSSC.
Act as a CO focal point for UNDP General Survey (Global Staff Survey) and provide briefings to management, as required on the status and general findings.
Provide support to any other internal or corporate survey as needed.
5. Ensures facilitation of knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the CO focusing on achievement of the following results:

Organization of trainings for the operations/ projects staff on HR issues.
Synthesis of lessons learned and best practices in HR.
Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.
Supervisory/Managerial Responsibilities:

The HR Associate can supervise the clerical and support staff of the HR Unit. The HR Associate works in close collaboration with the Operations, Programme, RR/DRR in the CO and UNDP HQs staff for resolving complex HR-related issues and information exchange.

Para solicitar este trabajo envía un correo electrónico con tus detalles a rrhh.pe@undp.org